The Best Mini PCs for under $500: Powerful yet Budget-friendly

best mini pc for under 500

Mini PCs have been taking the tech world by storm; able to go where no desktop or laptop have gone before. They are small, powerful, yet budget friendly. They solve problems that used to require single board computers with obscure operating systems and interfaces. So let’s explore the top five rated beyond the entry level units; the best Mini PCs under $500!

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Mini PCDescriptionPrice
Intel NUC 11Powerful and configurable up to 4 displays
and 64GB of RAM, our top pick
Check price on Amazon
Mac MiniIt’s a Mac, a little bigger than the rest of the minis,
but it isless expensive than a MacBook
Check price on Amazon
GEEKOM Mini IT11A lower price alternative, not a gaming rig,
but a good home entertainment or server alternative
Check price on Amazon
MELE Overclock 4cThis is a small fanless wonder. Handles up to three 4k DisplaysCheck price on Amazon
GMKTek MiniLess expensive, more memory for the priceCheck price on Amazon
Mini PC Picks Summary

Why Buy A Mini PC?

A Mini PC is a small form factor computer that packs a punch. It’s usually less than 6″x6″x2″ and some are so small that they easily fit into your pocket.

Mini PCs are Small Yet Powerful

So one reason is, they are so portable compared to a desktop.

Well so is a laptop? The difference is that it becomes a component rather than a whole system. Laptops include a keyboard, trackpad, and monitor all welded together. Yes, you can buy a docking station for a few hundred dollars and then hook everything up to an external keyboard, trackpad and monitor.

But if you’re going to do that anyway?? You can save money and buy a more powerful machine and pick the components you want.

For example, take the Mac Mini. It can be had for less than half of the price of a new MacBook air. Then you can buy a nice Bluetooth keyboard and trackpad, hook it up to a monitor or TV of your choice, and you’re on your way!

Another reason is that it is “headless”. You can buy mini PCs that are always on, so that they come back on after a power interruption. Or you can put them into tight places like under a desk or in the corner of a laboratory, then connect remotely to them and you don’t need to dedicate a monitor, keyboard or any accessories to them.

Finally, they can be made to take up almost no space. Zero footprint. You can mount them behind a monitor, under a table, whatever. As long as they have adequate ventilation.

Why Spend More Than $200 on a Mini PC?

Investing a little more in a mini PC offers significant advantages, particularly in performance and longevity.

Firstly, higher-priced mini PCs typically boast more powerful processors and increased RAM, translating to faster, smoother operation. This is crucial for multitasking, running complex software, or managing business tasks efficiently. In contrast, entry-level mini PCs, while budget-friendly, often struggle with intensive applications, leading to slower performance and potential frustrations.

Furthermore, durability and future-proofing are key. Mini PCs in the higher price range are generally built with better quality components. This ensures a longer lifespan and greater reliability. They also tend to be more up-to-date with current technology standards. Thus, offering features like advanced connectivity options and higher storage capacities. This means they remain relevant and functional for a longer period, reducing the need for frequent upgrades.

There are even less expensive mini PCs for someone who just wants to get their feet wet or for a younger student.

But the extra power you will get by buying a mini PC with at least an AMD Ryzen 7 CPU and a Radeon GPU graphics card will allow you to use this for video editing or as a mini gaming PC. Not a gaming rig for experienced gamers for this price point, but good for beginners.

In essence, spending more initially can be a cost-effective choice in the long run. This is especially true for small business managers and IT personnel who value efficiency and reliability in their technology investments.

Our Choices for the Best Mini PCs Under $500

Our Top Pick
Intel NUC 11 Panther Canyon, , one of the best mini PCs for under $500 and very configurable

1. Intel NUC 11 Panther Canyon: The Best Mini PC Overall


The reviews for the Intel NUC vary. Some had positive experiences regarding size, speed and convenience. Others gave concerns about quality control and operating system issues. Users appreciate its compact design and its ability to save space while providing good performance. Some users faced issues with the pre-installed operating system and hardware failures out of the box, though customer service from sellers seems proactive and helpful in resolving problems.

Product Dimensions: 4.6″x4.6″x2″ 3.1 Pounds

This model comes with an 11th Generation Intel Core i5, 16GB of RAM and 512GB SSD. It Supports four 4K displays or 8K on a single display and Wi-Fi 6. It also supports Bluetooth 5 and Thunderbolt 3. For about $100 less, they will sell you a bare-naked machine with no operating system, So you can configure it with Linux and as much or little RAM/Storage as you want. The storage can expand to 64 GB, which is amazing for something that is 4.6″ x 4.4″ x 2″!

Some people had issues with it but not very many of the 180+ reviewers since they gave it a high rating overall!

Product Pros

  • Compact and space-saving design
  • Fast performance and good build quality
  • Helpful and responsive seller customer service
  • Comes with features such as WiFi, Bluetooth, and VESA mount
  • A few people report it is easy to set up and suitable for various uses

Product Cons

  • A few people found uality control issues with some units not working on arrival
  • A few people report inaccurate product description regarding pre-installed OS
  • A few people have concerns about product longevity and reliability
  • A few people are finding hardware problems requiring replacement parts
  • A few people found mismatch of operating system for user’s needs 
If You love Macs

2. Apple Mac Mini (2023): It’s a Mac


Customer reviews on the Apple 2023 Mac Mini with the M1 chip are mixed. Several users praise its performance, compact design, and power efficiency. However, others report serious issues such as hardware defects, compatibility troubles, and poor customer support. The machine’s design and environmental efforts are commended, but its limitations in expandability and software compatibility are notable concerns. The Mac Mini’s integration in home and work environments is highlighted, though user experiences vary widely in terms of satisfaction.

Mac Mini M1 2023, , one of the best mini PCs for under $500 and its a Mac!

Product Dimensions: 7.76″x7.76″x1.41″ 2.6 Pounds

It’s a Mac. And to a lot of people, that’s all that matters. I have owned 2 Mac Minis and help manage a third for a relative. When paired with the wireless keyboard and mouse pad, you can connect it to your entertainment system or development environment, and it just works. And it’s hidden. So, if you love Apple, you’ll love it. And yes, compared to Windows Mini PCs, it’s expensive (did I mention it is a Mac?)

This is a lower price model with 8GB of RAM and 256 GB of storage. For a few hundred more you can get an upgrade to 512 GB, and for a few hundred more, a faster chip.

Product Pros

  • High performance and fast speeds of the M1 chip
  • Compact and minimalist design appreciated by users
  • Quick boot-up times and silent operation
  • Power efficiency is seen as a significant advantage
  • A few people reported that recycled materials used in construction are well received

Product Cons

  • Hardware issues, including defects on arrival and early failure
  • Incompatibility with older software and issues with running certain applications
  • RAM and storage are soldered, lacking upgrade potential
  • Poor customer support and difficulties with technical service
  • Overpriced given the quality and features, according to some users
Less expensive alternative
GEEKOM Mini IT11 Mini PC, , one of the best mini PCs for under $500

3. GEEKOM Mini IT11: 16 GB RAM and Windows 11 Pro at a Reasonable Price


This mini PC has received mixed reviews. Some users find it a great purchase due to its portability, ease of setup, and adequate performance with 16GB RAM. It’s good for light tasks as a desktop computer replacement or as a retro gaming console. However, several customers experienced technical issues such as BSODs, product malfunctions, incorrect Wi-Fi adapters, or problems with orientation modes. The PC is appreciated for its compactness and quiet operation. However, its hardware limitations and occasional defects have led to dissatisfaction for some.

Product Dimensions: 4.6″ x 4.4″ x 1.77″ 3.3 Pounds

This is an intermediate model with 16GB of RAM and 512 GB SSD. It is a little lower priced than the rest, but for a few hundred more you can get the same processor with 32GB and 1TB SSD. With an i7-11390H processor clocking up to 5.0Gh., it can support up to two 4K and two 8K screens at the same time. For a few hundred less you can get one with the same memory and disk but a slower processor. It has over 250 ratings and most people seem satisfied with it.

Product Pros

  • Compact and easy to set up, integrating seamlessly with existing technology and workspaces.
  • Adequate performance for light tasks and personal use, also functioning well as a retro gaming console.
  • Quiet operation and lightweight design, with some users appreciating its value and responsiveness.
  • Positive customer service experiences, including partial refunds and responsive support.
  • Good accessory integration like mounting equipment and the potential to use additional ports with a USB bus.

Product Cons

  • Malfunctions leading to blue screens and inoperability within a short period of use.
  • Malfunctions leading to blue screens and inoperability within a short period of use.
  • Hardware discrepancies, such as receiving a different Wi-Fi adapter than advertised, causing driver issues.
  • A few people reported problems when using in different orientation modes, with software not properly adjusting to portrait settings
  • A few people report that an Ethernet socket stopped working, rendering the device useless for users who rely on wired connections
Mele Overclock4C Mini PC, one of the best mini PCs for under $500 and its fanless

4. MeLE Mini PC Overclock4C: A Fanless Wonder


The reviews for this mini PC are mixed. Customers report a range of experiences. While some customers are pleased with its performance for light and basic tasks and appreciate its compact size, others face significant issues related to overheating, performance, and hardware malfunctions, such as problems with Bluetooth, the Wi-Fi adapter, and ports. Customer service responsiveness is noted but does not mitigate all concerns.

Product Dimensions: 7″ x 3.7″ x 0.8″ 1.5 Pounds

Fanless PCs are not in as high demand as other Mini PCs so this one has less ratings at the time of this post. However, the ratings are mostly good and this is a good intermediate fanless PC for general use. People have used this with telescopes and have been generally satisfied with it. There are other mini PCs that are over the $500 price point that are made specifically for firewalls, VPN servers, etc.

Product Pros

  • Suitable for light tasks and basic computing needs like word processing and streaming content.
  • Compact size is convenient for users looking to save space.
  • Runs well on 4K TVs and seems sufficient for home entertainment purposes.
  • Customer service is responsive and helpful, addressing issues promptly.
  • Can be used efficiently for lightweight tasks and is satisfactory for use with a telescope and other peripherals.

Product Cons

  • Overheating problems lead to performance degradation.
  • Hardware issues, such as defective USB-C and ethernet ports, and problems resuming from hibernation.
  • Performance issues when handling basic tasks, with some units unable to run even light software smoothly.
  • A few people have reported that the Wi-Fi adapter signal is weak and unstable, leading to connectivity issues
  • A few people have reported Bluetooth problems, with users being unable to get it functioning despite troubleshooting efforts
Less Expensive but MORE MEMORY
GMKtec Mini PC, one of the best mini PCs for under $500

5. GMKTec Mini PC: Powerful Enough for Most Applications


The reviews for this mini PC present a mix of experiences, with several customers praising its compactness, power, and suitability for basic tasks like internet browsing and streaming. However, there are reports of issues such as hardware failures, lack of audio through HDMI, and troublesome setups. Some users experienced excellent performance while others returned the product due to defects or were disappointed with its capabilities.

Product Dimensions: ‎4.84″ x 4.4″ x 1.7″ 3.19 Pounds

With almost 150 ratings, people seemed mostly happy with this device. With 32 GB and 512 TB and it’s less expensive than most of the others. There are also two options with 16 GB and 512 GB SSD with the same processor or 8 GB and 256 GB with a slower processor for less money. With an N95 Processor and speeds up to 3.4 GHz, it is rated to handle up to three 4K displays.

Product Pros

  • Compact and portable, suitable for similar tasks as a work computer
  • Good performance with the N100 processor, considered powerful for its size
  • Quiet operation and energy efficient
  • Fast setup and ease of use
  • A few people said it performs well for specialized tasks such as running Home Assistant

Product Cons

  • Issues with HDMI port, including lack of audio output and image problems
  • Reports of system instability and random black screens
  • Difficulty in the setup process and BIOS access
  • A few people said they received used and repackaged products
  • A few people found CPU performance issues with simple tasks maxing out resources


So a mini PC isn’t for everyone, but there are a lot of uses for them, and depending on your budget and or use case, one of these might be perfect for you! Check them out!

Mini PCDescriptionPrice
Intel NUC 11Powerful and configurable up to 4 displays
and 64GB of RAM, our top pick
Check price on Amazon
Mac MiniIt’s a Mac, a little bigger than the rest of the minis,
but it isless expensive than a MacBook
Check price on Amazon
GEEKOM Mini IT11A lower price alternative, not a gaming rig,
but a good home entertainment or server alternative
Check price on Amazon
MELE Overclock 4cThis is a small fanless wonder. Handles up to three 4k DisplaysCheck price on Amazon
GMKTek MiniLess expensive, more memory for the priceCheck price on Amazon
Mini PC Picks Summary

Questions? We Have Answers.

Get answers to a list of the most Frequently Asked Questions.

While gaming-specific mini PCs typically exceed the $500 mark, certain models like the Acer Aspire XC or HP Pavilion Mini can handle light gaming. They are equipped with decent processors and graphics, but may require additional investment in RAM or external graphics for more intense gaming.

Absolutely. Mini PCs in this price range often come with efficient processors, enough RAM, and sufficient storage, making them ideal for work and study-related tasks like document editing, web browsing, and video conferencing.

Key features to consider include a powerful processor (at least an Intel Core i3 or equivalent), a minimum of 4GB RAM (preferably 8GB), ample storage (either a sizable HDD or a faster SSD), and a range of connectivity options like USB ports, HDMI, and Wi-Fi capabilities.

Many mini PCs allow for upgrades. Commonly, you can upgrade the RAM and storage. However, the extent of upgradability varies between models, so it’s recommended to check the specific model’s specifications.

Mini PCs in this price range are great for space-saving and energy efficiency. While they may not match the high-end performance of more expensive desktops, they are more than capable for everyday tasks, light gaming, and media streaming.

Choose an operating system based on your needs and familiarity. Windows 10 or 11 is widely used and user-friendly. Linux is cost-effective and suits those comfortable with its environment. Some mini PCs come without an OS, offering flexibility to install your preferred system. Consider your software needs and ease of use when selecting an OS.

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